When Aaliyah comes to visit, Violet almost always comes along.

My Pal Violet is a cuddly purple puppy from Leap Frog, and Aaliyah loves her!

What’s so special about Violet?  Violet is a soft stuffed dog who does all kinds of amazing things.  The very best thing about Violet is that she can be customized to call a child by name.

Justine hooked Violet up to her computer, followed the instructions, and now Violet calls Aaliyah by name and “knows” all of Aaliyah’s favorite things.  It’s so precious to hear Violet in her sweet voice say, “I love you, Aaliyah.”

By pressing Violet’s paws, you can play bedtime music, familiar children’s songs, various phrases and requests.  This is hands down the cutest baby toy I’ve ever seen.  Violet came into Aaliyah’s life when Aaliyah was two months old, and now at eighteen months, Aaliyah is still in love with Violet.

If you’re looking for a gift for a special little person, I’d highly recommend My Pal Violet by Leap Frog.

I’m including this review of My Pal Violet on my blog just because I want to.  I have not been compensated in any way for this review.

What toys could you recommend as a great gift for a child? 


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