This month we made a huge (for us) investment in our home by having new flooring installed in our basement.  Some of you may know that the basement is my sewing room, so, yes, this change was mostly for my benefit.

Sewing in a carpeted room has its downside.  Thread sticks to the carpet and is hard to sweep up, and pins fall without a sound and get stuck in the carpet fibers.  Our carpet, which we had installed in the late 1980s, was especially troublesome because the seam was coming apart across the part of the room where my machines are, and I was constantly tripping over the loose carpet or getting carpet threads wrapped around the wheels of my office chair.

The new floor that we had installed is a rubbery kind of laminate tile that fits so tightly together that it is moisture-proof.  I love the lighter color that brightens up the entire room.
Because I had to practically empty the room to have the floor done, I’ve been taking this opportunity to sort through all of my craft supplies to weed out things that I don’t use, want, or need anymore.  It sure feels good to get things organized!

With this beautiful new flooring, I couldn’t bear to fill up the room to its former capacity.  I took this opportunity to turn our downstairs bedroom, which no longer houses a bed, into a fitting room.  This room holds all of my fabric and some of my less frequently used notions.  I also have a platform and mirror in this room to use for fitting my alterations customers.
I am so fortunate to be able to use three-quarters of our basement floor space for my sewing business and craft hobbies.  I still remember those days when I did all of my sewing at the dining room table, and I would never want to go back to that!

This new improved sewing space is comfortable and convenient for me.  Sewing is a pleasure in my beautiful studio where I can hear a pin drop!

Where or how do you keep your hobby supplies organized in your home?  What would you change about your craft space if you could? 


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