One Thousand Gifts — Book Review

This is one of those books that I’d heard of and seen online but hadn’t taken the time to read.  One day I noticed that Kindle version of this book One Thousand Gifts:  Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are is available on Amazon for just $2.99.  It was definitely worth the price I paid, maybe more.

I love the message this book brings to light.  The message is that we find joy when we open our hands and our hearts to accept the gifts that God gives to us in the midst of our everyday lives.

I’ll admit that Ann Voskamp’s flowery, poetic language was a little off-putting for me.  I didn’t love that about this book.  I found myself wondering often if the author actually talks as she writes.  But I kept reading, and I’m glad that I did.  At times the message threatened to get lost in the author’s fragments and unusual sentence structures, but the message is there, and it’s one that we can’t afford to miss.

The author was challenged to make a journal of one thousand gifts given to her by her heavenly Father.  In the keeping of that journal, in the looking for those gifts, she found the key to joy in the mundane.  That key is thankfulness, eucharisteo.  

So impressed was I by this book that I dug out a small spiral notebook to use for my own journal of gifts.  I haven’t been as faithful in recording gifts as I’d like to be, but in the looking and the writing down, I’m much more aware of God’s hand at work in my life.

This book is a quick read with relatively short chapters.  By the end, I was even beginning to enjoy the author’s writing style.  If you haven’t already read this one, I’d highly recommend it.

Yada Yada Prayer Group Books … Good Reading!


I do love a good series!  It saves me from having to decide which book to read next.  I’m just now starting the third book in the Yada Yada Prayer Group series, and I highly recommend these books!

My friend Ann referred me to these books, and this is shaping up to be one of my favorite Christian fiction series of all times.

The books are written about a group of twelve women who are randomly assigned to a prayer group at a women’s conference.  They are a diverse group of women who makes a decision to continue their prayer meetings after the conference is over.

My favorite thing about these books is that the characters are like real people.  They have problems, some of them very big problems.  Their problems are not always solved by the end of the book.  Their relationships are real, too, and they work at being available to each and at trying to understand each other in spite of their differences.

The women in the books come from varied back rounds and attend different churches, yet they are bound together by their growing love for each other and their ever-strengthening faith in God who hears and answers the prayers of His people.

If you’re looking for that next good read in the Christian literature genre, look no further!

Noise Putty, a Dollar’s Worth of Fun

I’d never seen nor heard of Noise Putty until I went on a shopping trip with my sister, and we stopped in a Dollar Tree store.  She advised me to pick up a few containers of this marvelously disgusting substance that was sure to delight children of all ages.  My sister has rarely ever steered me wrong, and she wasn’t about to start now!

I bought three containers of Noise Putty with the idea of trying one out myself and then giving one container to each of my great-granddaughters on Thanksgiving Day.

If you’re wondering what Noise Putty is, it’s a kind of jelly-like substance that comes in a small plastic container.  When you push your fingers down into the putty, air bubbles occur, and when the air bubbles are forced out of the container, they make noises.  Weird noises.  Funny noises.  Noises not unlike the sound of breaking wind or passing gas.  I think you get the idea now.

On Thanksgiving Day, it did take the great-granddaughters a little while to get the noise putty warmed up.  Once they caught on to it, they perfected the art of noise-making and had a hilariously good time.

Makaila making “noises”.


Everyone in attendance pretended to be grossed out by the the noises emitted by the putty which only added to the girls’ enjoyment.

After just a little practice, both girls were able to make incredibly authentic sounds with their fingers and this slimy stuff.  I knew this only because the guys verified that  the sounds were just like the real thing.  We ladies, having no firsthand experience with such things,  just had to take their word for it.

Kyra makes music with her putty.


I was the coolest Grandma ever bringing Noise Putty to the Thanksgiving Day celebration, and I reveled in that coolness and it was all fun and games until someone left her Noise Putty lying on the couch.

If you’re contemplating buying some Noise Putty for yourself or someone else, my advice is to keep the putty in the container.  It is possible to remove it from furniture and clothing.  It’s not as bad as chewing gum, but my standing as coolest grandma ever dropped a few levels after that.

Noise Putty is not for everyone.  If you are grossed out by imitation toots and the accompanying jokes, then by all means, steer clear of this stuff.

For our family, it was about as much fun as we could have for a dollar.  I’d highly recommend it!

My Favorite Baby Gadget

Last Saturday when our newest great-granddaughter was visiting for the day, I discovered the coolest new baby thingy ever!   A fresh food feeder.  I know.  It sounds like something used in a barn or at the dolphin tank at the aquarium, but it’s not!  It’s a way for you to introduce your baby to fresh foods.  It’s totally possible that this gadget is not new to you, but go ahead and read on anyway.

Our granddaughter who is also the mother of our favorite baby girl bought this nifty gadget at Walmart for approximately $2.00.  It was just one of the many, many, MANY things she sent along with the baby to our house for a relatively short visit.

This fresh food feeder (or F3 as it will be referred to hereafter in this post) is intended for babies who are at least six months old and is like a teething ring on the one end.  The round handle has a rubbery coating that baby can chew on, but trust me, no baby will want to chew on that handle when she discovers the other end of the F3!

The other end is made of some kind of mesh fabric which I’m sure is perfectly safe for your infant to chew on.  If it weren’t safe, Walmart would not be selling them, right?

The mesh end securely snaps into the teething ring end so that there is no way your baby could open the F3 on her own.  Trust me on this one.  It took me a while to get it open, and I was able read the instructions.

After I washed the F3 in warm soapy water and thoroughly rinsed it, I placed three small cubes of watermelon in the mesh bag and handed it to the seven month old baby girl who was visiting in our home for the day.

What happened then?  Here’s the part you mothers are going to love!  I had thirty minutes of sheer joy watching my favorite baby girl suck the juice out of the watermelon cubes.  Or thirty minutes of peace and quiet.  It’s all about perspective.

If you are a mother rather than a grandmother, it would be perfectly acceptable for you to use those thirty minutes to read a book or put your feet up and relax (while keeping one eye on your little darlin’ just to be safe).

Since I’m a grandma and I don’t get to see my favorite baby girl on a daily basis, I used those thirty minutes to take tons of  pictures and exclaim things like, “She loves it!”  or “Did you see that face she made?”  and “Her shirt is soaked with watermelon juice, and she doesn’t even care!”

Baby girl liked it so much that when it was time for Grandpa and me to eat our lunch, I popped her back in her little seat and gave her three more cubes of watermelon in her F3.  She enjoyed it just as much the second time!


Grandma’s advice for you today is to buy one of these things for every baby you know.  Their mothers will love you for it!

Incidentally, the package says that the F3 is great for fruits and vegetables.  Next time our baby come to visit, I’m going to find out if she likes brussel sprouts as much as watermelon!

One last word of warning …….after thirty minutes with three watermelon cubes, the baby, the shirt, the seat, and the tray needed to be washed.  It was still worth it!

Are there any other baby gadgets I need to know about?

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