This grandma knows how important it is for your home to be that special place where you and your family feel safe, comfortable, and loved.

While I don’t have a secret formula for making your home a haven, I do have some ideas for you that might help you to create that kind of home. These are things that I have tried to put into practice in my own home.

I chose six common areas that we all need to work on if we are going to have happy families and orderly homes.

Six Premises of a Happy Home Life

1. Faith- This one is #1 for me!  I placed my faith in Jesus Christ when I was sixteen years old, and I want to live my life based on the truths in the Bible.

2. Family Relationships built on a foundation of love and respect

3. Financial Freedom from debt and the stress that accompanies living beyond our means

4. Food that is delicious, nutritious, and affordable

5. Fun!

6. Functionality and organization that turns chaos into order

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